AEK – Olympiacos: So the victory was celebrated by Dimitris Melisanidis at the OPAP Arena

She took the big derby with him in the 2nd Super League 1 playoff game and put “fire” on the OPAP Arena, where Dimitris Melisanidis also celebrated for his team. The friends of AEK set up a “party” and at the end of the game to deposit the players and celebrate with them the 1-0 victory over Olympiacos, with Dimitris Melisanidis participating from his suite. The “strong man” of AEK FC was even recorded on video celebrating on OPAP Arena and became… viral in social media. Good month! Dimitris Melisanidis sees the AEK for the second round year at the top of Super League 1, just before the finale the season, claiming the second streak championship.