Accept Health otherwise very helpful to take the dose of 1 billion!

In a thriller for strong nerves develops negotiating with their lenders for the disbursement of the tranche of 1 billion and today ministers continue to negotiate with the lenders for the ανακοστολόγηση of the diagnostic tests.
The aim is to reach an agreement and to be disbursed, the dose of 1 billion in tomorrow’s meeting of the Δικοικητικού Council of the European Μηχανσιμού Stability. Lenders are demanding 40% reduction on current rates of diagnostic tests, while the ministry of Health negotiates reductions of around 22.5% and only for the 51 most accurate tests for EOPYY.
The government believes that, if we accept the proposals of the lenders the entire cost will be passed on to policyholders as the primary health units are not in a position to bear the costs of the diagnostic tests.
Comment: Seeking Health otherwise very helpful with return, the dose of 1 billion!