40 witnesses at the trial Katsoulis – lodged by the father of the fan

With the examination of 40 witnesses began today in the early afternoon, the trial for the death of a fan of the National Kostas Katsoulis who was fatally injured during the match of the third National Herodotus – National stadium of Nea Alikarnassos.
The trial is conducted in the Mixed Sworn Court of Naples under draconian measures.
The… stool sit 5 people who are facing the charges of θανατηγόρας bodily harm and conflict.
The father’s testimony
First was considered the father of Kostas Katsoulis who spoke about the difference of opinion which existed in the diagnosis of his son for the hematoma to the head.

“Initially the doctors at Home told me that it is aneurism. However, the subsequent tests were made both in Heraklion, and in the Military Hospital 401 in Athens showed that this is not an aneurysm but his death was due to a blow to the head,” said the father of Kostas Katsoulis.

Reflection on the change of the bill
This time is considered the reflection of a civil action as to the change in the referral order. Recall that initially, the referral order was for a charge of homicide by intention, however, later there’s been a change in intended grievous bodily harm.