You’ll be surprised! What can make the “smart” contact lenses?

From the looks of it, the “smart” contact lenses employ…
all of the major technology companies, as well as after Google and Samsung comes the turn of Sony to patent the idea. The patent “dug out” from the website Sony Alpha Rumors, and describes contact lenses that have the possibility of taking a photo with the wink of an eye.
In addition, the patent speaks of saving the image, wireless communication of the lens with an external device (smartphone/computer/tablet) and possibility of adjustment of the zoom, auto focus and aperture for as clean as possible downloads, while the icing on the cake, in accordance with the, is the integration screen through the lenses to the user sees the photos that he pulls with his eyes.
Sony describes the feature to disable the “smart” functions of the contact lens holding and hold closed the eyelid, something that will be perceived by the respective piezoelectric sensor of the lens. Sounds very impressive, but we must not forget that this is just a patent and doesn’t necessarily mean that it will lead to a final product. However, it is interesting to learn the thoughts and investigations carried out in the current era.