You’ll be surprised! How did the phrase “on a consequence of adopted woman of the iron railing”to you?

In Greece, the rail has the honor of…
It has become a slogan, “the minds of the bars”, has become a song “bars, more bars everywhere”, has inspired and paralleled with the deprivation of freedom “the prison bars (bars) is for the lads”. But one thing is the most well-known railing, it. “of for pay adopted woman of the iron railing”.
It was just before the second World War, when in the bay of Faliro, in the great wooden platform on the beach of the New Faliro, set up the prostitutes of the era, anticipating patiently for the sailors of the allied fleet to make “σεφτέ”.
The iron bars of this platform, the prostitutes, with a view of the Acropolis, causing such crowding, that from a point and then forced each of them to write the name of the rail that made the street, wanting to “lock the position in the window.”
For this reason, the local inhabitants were forbidden their children to play near the railings of the market love. If and most likely, the children will not listen to their parents….