You bought a new cream? This is the first thing you need to do!

    If you are the girls who get excited as much as anything else with the new beauty arrivals, and the “fall” of a product in their hands, much less a cream-serum, give up what…
    have to do the next time and run the test without fear and passion in their face, then welcome to the club!
    For all of us, well, the “μπιουτοενθουσιώδεις types”, this article comes to us “in line” and to put (for a while) brakes on the habit that we have to put any product on our face, without making the necessary tests first…
    And when we talk about screening and tests, we do not mean studies in nuclear laboratories, but for the so-called patch test (cutaneous tests)… dermatologists, therefore, recommend that the first thing we need to do by trying a new cream is to lay it out not in our face, but behind the ears or on the inside of the elbow us in small quantities, and then to wait 24 hours to see if the new product has caused any redness, itching or irritation on the skin.
    And this is because, certain ingredients, such as retinol, glycolic acid and hydroquinone (a bleaching, pharmaceutical and cosmetic agent used to lighten dark spots), there is a case to irritate even normal skin type (not oily, or sensitive).
    Also, don’t forget that the fact that you don’t have sensitive skin or you haven’t had any allergic skin reaction in the past should not make you feel better and makes you think that you’re immune to even the most powerful active ingredients. “Anything is possible. People can develop allergies at all stages of their lives,” says dermatologist Howard Sobel.
    Of course, the patch test applies to anything new you try for your skin, even in natural recipes!