Yolanda Balaura: I had the happiness of living many love, but also the one

‘ At the moment I don’t have my other half” confessed . On the occasion of participation in MEGA’s Shipwreck, Yolanda Balaura granted a full material interview to the camera of the show “Eleni” and journalist Callia Kastani where she spoke about both acting and the lovers of her life. “At that time to start off television was off. It took me years to convince them that I’m not the cute little girl who does TV, but a man who loves theater. What was conquered was with great effort. I had to prove that I am doing this job” the charming actress confessed. “I had the happiness to experience many love and the one. I’m happy and full. They proposed to me but I didn’t grow up with that pattern. I wanted to be independent. I prefer companionship to marriage. I flirt and they flirt with me. Right now I don’t have my other half.” “In Polyxene from the wreck I find evidence from my mother and aunts. Women in 60′ held the house. She wouldn’t ruin her marriage. At that time, the people who were ruining it did not throw it away. “Multiple” would not want to spoil the family’s name. Then a divorce was a stigma. I don’t mind playing mom… I’m at an age when I could be a mom. It bothers me to see young actors playing moms, although they are almost ageless to their ‘‘daughters’’,” Yolanda Balaura added to her new television interview.