World Women’s Day 2024: The actions of the Municipality of Athens

Honoring 2024 the Municipality of Athens organizes a series of actions to raise awareness and strengthen empathy in the field of gender equality. At the Municipal Palace, the new Municipal Committee of Equality will meet, with the participation of the Mayor of Athens, Mr. The Commission will present the Municipality’s action plan to prevent and address sexual harassment at work for the period 2024-2026. In the Municipal Market of Kipseli, the Department of Political Equality and Treatment of Discrimination and the Department of Preventive Medicine, Health Promotion and Public Health of the Municipality of Athens from 11.00 to 14.00 p.m. will go on to distribute information material on issues of preventive medicine and treatment of gender discrimination in health. At the same time, the municipal radio station “Athens 9.84”, will broadcast from Kallimarmaro (10:00am-14:00pm) with live journalistic coverage for the day, useful discussions and music. During the first two hours of the program, 10:00am – 12:00pm, journalists Elena Bregianni, Dimitris Kouclouberis and George Meligonis will be on the microphones, who will give the baton for the second two hours, 12:00pm-14:00pm, to journalists Eleonora Orphanidou and Eleftheria Koumandou. The aim of the actions is to inform the residents of Athens about issues relating to gender equality. Finally, on Monday 11 and Tuesday 12 March 2024, in collaboration with the Space Theatre (Botanic), women and other femaleities addressed to the Center for Combating Sexual Violence and Multiple Discrimination will be able to watch the play “The House with Gifts”, where three women share their shocking stories and face their injuries.