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    (Title) confirms the Environment Directorate of the lack of a modified design of environmental terms for the biological treatment of Pteleos which, as reported by neighbors has been in operation for about a month.
    “Illegal and undocumented” function of wastewater treatment Pteleos complained last week residents of the area. Reported that the project has not only been operational for almost a month, but this function is not approved by the Region of Thessaly and the prefecture of Magnesia new environmental impact study after the first cancellation of the Ombudsman.
    department NAM had undertaken to investigate the matter and determine whether it actually exists in the service of the amended document with the study. Indeed such a document could not be found.
    According to the Vice-Prefect Environment Natasha Ikonomou the first study of environmental conditions on organic Pteleos adopted in 2005 to force even as late as 2015. The wastewater treatment plant is built at “Xirakia” and was originally designed to serve the seaside settlement “Well” and then the Municipal District Pteleos.
    The environmental conditions in 2005 provided the recipient of the treated wastewater is a area but it was next to a stream, and concluded that sea.

    In 2007, after protests from residents and professionals in coastal areas of “bath”, “Apostles” and “Leichoura, the City stated in writing that it will move to amend the design, whereby the recipient of water would not the stream but for the subsurface disposal, and the use of treated water for watering the trees.
    2008 revoked the decision of the NAM, to approve the first ICM Biological Pteleos. “Since no study has been submitted for approval”, says Mr. Economou.

    Of course, the responsible Deputy Prefect clarifies that the amended terms of environmental studies submitted to the Directorate of Health and later in the Region and Environment Directorate, but Questioned as to whether it was aware that there are such studies since it was completed and filed, it would have to be approved by the county council, said: “Yes, in this case would know».
    Indeed, the it emphasized that it is legally not allowed raw sewage to go anywhere but in a targeted way.
    While there confirmed the absence of the necessary study of biological function at the same time residents complain operation for over a month. “The project works illegally, since virtually no way to determine the availability of water,” says Babis Gourioti, residing in the area of the Apostles, and adds that the water falls in the river and thence to the sea.
    Finally and director of minority Christos Delistathis confirms that the municipality has about 40-45 links in well and has set up the biological treatment.

    Author: Alice Fotiadou

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