Withdrawal obstruction in the piping – that’s a Big risk for kids!

    Withdrawal of the obstruction in the pipe “Liquid Plumr Pro-Strength Urgent Clear Clog Remover” from the company Clorox announced the General Secretariat of Industry…
    The recall relates to products that were produced on or before 21 March 2016, with the lot number JS16081 or less. The company has identified some cases where safety caps are not working properly and pose a risk to children.
    The products produced after 21 March 2016 (with batch number JS16082 and above) use a different stopper and is safe for use.
    Consumers should keep the product away from children and to contact the call center of the Liquid Plumr, without charge, at the 00-800-1809-204-8120, from Monday to Friday (12. up to 8 m.m.)