With the new Volkswagen ID.7: Athens – Thessaloniki in 4 hours and 35 minutes

Kosmocar – in collaboration with Driving Academy conducted a test of the new Volkswagen ID.7 from Athens to Thessaloniki – with a single 10-minute stop for charging – in order to cover the sport Business saloon a long distance, with comfort, security and speed. The Volkswagen ID.7 Pro, with the 77 kwh useful battery, with three occupants and the necessary luggage, began the journey fully charged, with rainy weather and 4°C. The Route Planner of ID.7 with the 4.0 operating system, proved excellent by portraying the chargers of all providers in Greece and especially as to their availability in real time. Choosing the destination in navigation, the car calculates consumption, residual battery when it has arrived there and suggests appropriate charging stops, so that they all apply according to the original specifications set by the driver. ID.7 continuously calculates driving times and possible stops for charging, making the journey easy for any driver, even those with little experience in electric cars. At a maximum speed of 130 km/h and throughout the journey the use of Travel Assist, the system that contributes to a comfortable and safe journey after holding the car steady in the middle of the lane or helps change to another and keeps the distance from the preceding cars. The first 100 km of the route was difficult with dense rain and quite cold. Heating was set at 23°C, while seat heating and massage function were used. With a single stop at the 300 kW power station in Larissa, with a remaining battery 13% and a 52 km autonomy, ID.7 was charged for only 10 minutes and the battery reached 51%, an energy sufficient for the rest of the route to Thessaloniki. The cost of charging was 16.06€. During the rest of the route the pavement was dry and the temperature at 10°C, while with the arrival in Thessaloniki the remainder of the battery was at 18%. The total consumption for the journey of 458 km (New Eritrea – toll Mullgara) was 19.6 kWh/100km, and the total travel time from the tolls to the tolls of Malagara, including the charging stop, was 4 hours and 35 minutes. Traveling with VW ID.7 Pro was enjoyable. The wide spaces, the rolling quality, the absence of noise and vibration and the leading systems of help and comfort of the driver make driving relaxing and safe. The excellent efficiency of the transmission set and charging speed make the journey fast, economical and with a minimum CO2 emission footprint. The cost of energy for this trip, charging the battery of ID.7 Pro from 0% to 100% in domestic current, taking into account the load losses and with an average kilowatt hour price of 0.2 euros, amounted to 17.29 € for the initial charge. Adding to this number and cost of charging the route, to 300 kW power charger (0.52€/kWh) which was 16.06 €, then the total energy cost for the trip Athens – Thessaloniki was 33,35 €.