‘Window’ for a physician – pharmaceutical care for those with insurance debts up to 100 euros

The full performance of those non-employed (professionals and farmers) have insurance up to 100 euros is being examined by the government, according to his secure information In an interview with the State Secretary for Social Security, Mr. Panos Tsakloglou last Thursday (08.03. 24) reported in relation to those who have regulated debts and appear uninsured (p.p. and thus have no insurance capacity) on the EPKA platform, that “there seems to be such a problem” in relation to medical-pharmaceutical care. More specifically, he said that “many have cleared their debts but there may be a very small amount unpaid and that was why he showed them as if the EPKA had no insurance capacity. We will probably go to an arrangement similar to that we have for insurance and tax information, that is, under a certain amount even if there is a debt, insurance will be provided.” Measures are taken to facilitate selfemployed citizens wishing to activate their insurance capacity, by decision of the Minister of Labour, Domna Michailidou and the commander of e-EFKA, Alexander Varveris. In particular, in accordance with the initiative of Ms Michailidou and the commander of the e-EFKA those concerned who have now settled their debts (either by paying, or by regulating and paying the 1st instalment), may: Address any local e-EFKA store and even without appointments, especially for matters of insurance capacity and if they receive immediate insurance capacity. To enter the electronic service ‘Unemployed persons’, https://www.efka.gov.gr/en/elegchos-asphalistikes-ikanotatas-me-misthoton, and choose ‘dispute debts’. A specific task group established for this purpose shall process requests and the insurance capacity shall be restored within a few hours. Expect the planned automatic performance of insurance capacity. Even with regard to it, rather than being held monthly, it was decided to do it emergencyly every week. Already since yesterday, those who were paid or regulated by March 6, have acquired insurance capacity, while those who did so since March 7 will automatically acquire insurance capacity at the end of next week. Since it is noted that the majority of those who addressed the shops and the platform continued to have debts, and in order not to be inconvenienced, interested parties are requested to check before addressing the local stores: If they do have insurance capacity, following the above link If they have current debts, following link https://www.idika.org.gr/EfkaServices/Application/Contributions.aspx and If they have established debts to K.E.A.O., which they should repay or adjust, following link https://www.efka.gov.gr/el/elektronikes-yperesies/elektronikes-yperes-keao It is recalled that Insurance Capacity is attributed to all employees. In respect of selfemployed persons, it is necessary either (a) to have paid their insurance contributions or (b) to have settled their debts and to pay regularly the instalments provided for in the regulation. As far as employees are concerned, a minimum of 50 days of work (as declared by the employer to the A.P.D.) in the previous calendar year or in the last 12 months, irrespective of the employer’s reimbursement of contributions. It is stressed that loss of insurance capacity does not result in loss of free medical care. All legally resident citizens in the country with active AMCAs have unhindered and free access to hospitalization and medical care in the public health system, i.e. public hospitals and health centres. Special attention has been paid to the following vulnerable population groups: minors, disabled persons and chronic sufferers, who are also covered by private doctors, for prescribing medicines, treatments and diagnostic tests. Finally, it is recalled that exceptional insurance capacity for the period 2024-2025 has also been granted to categories of workers who are facing objective difficulty in meeting and meeting the necessary conditions of insurance capacity: affected by natural disasters, workers at Skaramaga Shipyards, the Shipbuilding Repair Zone of Passage and Elefsina Shipyards.