Wife Dimitris Kokotas: I want to see him get out of the hospital, I don’t want to accept what happened.

Its condition is still critical as it has been hospitalized since yesterday (28.03.2024) in the Seals Unit. Dimitris Kokotas’ wife, Katerina, spoke to T LIFE about the health status of the singer, who felt distress in rehearsals for J2US, in the show he competes with, resulting in an ambulance being taken to hospital. “He remains in intensive care. He was in rehearsals of J2US. They didn’t tell me from the start what happened, because I was at home with the kid. Apparently they didn’t want to worry me. They told me he felt sick, passed out, and they took him to the hospital. Because generally my mind, it doesn’t go to harm, I thought it might be from fatigue or from heat.” Katerina Kokota then stated: “My husband is a man who takes care of everything. Gymnastics, nutrition, does not drink and does not smoke. He’s flawless in this part so he didn’t take my mind off what might have to do with the heart. When I started going to the hospital, I was told cowardly cowardly that he had suffered a heart attack.” “I told the doctors that I don’t want to understand medical terms, I want to see him get out of there. That’s what I want, really. I want him to be well, I don’t want to accept that this happened,” added the wife of the popular singer. Dimitris Kokotas and Katerina are together 20 years of relationship and have had a daughter together.