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Why new moms forget so much?

Most new moms have heard of “memory loss due to childbirth”, which according to research is a frequent …
phenomenon. Now, a new research from the Australian Catholic University of Melbourne came to confirm that pregnancy and childbirth affect the memory of the woman. The researchers looked at 412 pregnant women , 272 mothers and 386 women without children and without pregnancy.
H Julie Henry, a psychologist at the University of New South Wales, in Sydney, who carried out the research, said: “pregnant women have impaired memory compared with healthy subjects from 20 to 80 years of age. Also the memory can be reduced sufficiently up to one year after childbirth. Not affected all sectors, but localized loss of memory when things become demanding or unknown to the mother. Important role to play, of course, hormones!”
Carol Mitchell, mother of two children and author of the Magazine National Childbirth Trust gives its own explanation: “my memory began to suffer from a loss 5 years ago when I was pregnant with my first child. I think this happens to all women as we have during the pregnancy, the stress of preparation and then when we have now acquired the child or children of us forget why we’re always on time for duty and alertness making things that relate to our children”.

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