When the American trash are… standard!

Writes the special partner,
Of course we all know the “first” family of America. The Kardashians…..
Why is and a lot together. Recently, they did a prank (as it turned out) Kendall Jenner, told her to go to a ship where you will become a secular party but finally there’s a party there. Some of the guys were there on the boat and she yelled to the back and came out and said that it was something “European trash”.
He spoke of the American trash that because her whole family is famous and she’s done for years a reality show and her mom with the know-how and the photo shoots make her a model, she thinks she has conquered all over the world. These are the templates? The Kardashians and the Jenners??? e
Here the world is burning darling in Europe, can’t deal with your stupidity.