What your favorite color can reveal for your personality

Colours are used in our everyday lives, not only regarding the products we buy, but also the way we react to our environment. The expansion of the psychology of colors into the sphere of personality and character of each shows that colors are not only about what looks better, but also what subconsciously we attach to these colors. What your favorite color shows Various studies and experiments for years ( , , and more recently ) have provided us with information on the personality characteristics of each based on the psychology of colors. Red Red is a bold color choice related to enthusiasm, passion, danger, emotion, energy and action. You may notice that some names use red color for signs that urge us to act (“order now”, “buy now” etc.). This is because red is an intense color that can cause intense feelings that can encourage you to buy things. The character of someone who likes red: Bold Seeks thrills Lover of adventure Can be a bit impulsive Can be perceived as intimidating Orange Orange is often representative of creativity, happiness, freedom, success and balance that combines it all. Companies may use this color to draw your attention to an attractive headline or to an important note on their website (many “notifications” are orange to draw your look) but orange is not as bold and tempting as red. The character of someone who likes orange: Fun and playful energy admired by the surrounding Social, perhaps extrovert He takes care of his things He enjoys serious and deep discussions Happy mood He loves to host parties or events As far as productivity is concerned, you like to go straight to work and finish your unfinished business, Yellow. Happiness, positiveness and warm summer sun reminds us of yellow. Companies may use a yellow touch on their logo to make you feel happy when you see their products. Many “free shipping” icons on websites may be yellow to attract you to something that is happy and positive. The character of someone who likes yellow: A positive spirit Optimistic Joyful Experiential Source of calm for those around him Smile and happiness spreading to every person he meets Blue The blue is stable, harmonious, serene and reliable. Companies that want to be more known for their resilience, strength or reliability usually use blue on their logos. Many popular computer companies (Dell and HP) and websites (Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo) are known for their mostly blue and white logos. The character of someone who likes blue: Reliable Trusted Courtesy Pacific Faithful Strong In terms of productivity, you like to design the best way to handle a job and you can adapt when obstacles arise. Green Two of the things related to green color: nature and money. Green can mean growth, fertility, health, wealth, wellness or generosity. Green can also be associated with negative phases, such as jealousy or envy. The character of someone who likes green: Practical Landing Loves to Give Advice Loves to Help Others He enjoys the countryside and considers the balance in life important In terms of productivity, you want to analyze a situation before taking action, solve problems and you can find inventive ways of thinking outside the ordinary Purple Purple Purple can be associated with power, privileges, wisdom and spirituality. Purple can also be a disappointing color, as it can cause feelings of frustration or be considered arrogant. This is why websites and names (e.g. Hallmark, Yahoo) use purple along with a warmer tone, such as white. The character of someone who likes purple: Intelligent Worships unique things and wants to stand out from the rest of the Creative and inspirational extremities, coordinate with the world around you and focus on him Roz Pink is often associated with femininity, playful mood, and love, but can also be associated with immatureness. You will notice very pink in game packs for children or brands that look playful, quirky fun. Other brands (e.g. Victoria’s Secret) relate pink to something that means cute, fun, playful and sexy. The character of someone who likes pink: Fun Game Maybe a little naive You always follow your heart and you’re not afraid to express your feelings Love and family are very important to you White White is often related to purity. In Western cultures, white is for marriages and hospitals, which often means cleanness, cleanliness and order. Companies often add a white touch or will use white as a basic color to compensate for other more intense colors (such as red). The character of someone who likes white: Middle Pacific Innocent Maybe you like things to be clean and in order. You like the thought of a “new beginning” or a blank canvas Black Black can mean many different things: boldness, singularity, mystery, intrigue and power. But it can also mean misery, darkness, grief, and pain. Black is associated with death and mourning, but may also be associated with power, luxury, and tension. The character of someone who likes black: Bold Risky Maybe a little impulsive sometimes Serious (maybe a little more serious than needed) You are strong and breathe respect for those around you You are trustworthy Maybe a little intimidating Source: