What will happen with salaries and pensions – Which affect the “cutter”to you?

    Up to 23 euro reduction in salaries and pensions in the lower…
    income brackets taxpayers without kids are bringing changes in the scale of income tax and the solidarity levy. … “Cutter” in salaries and pensions, their own special role, you will play and the reduction of the exemption system on 8.363€.
    The changes bring new reductions in salaries and pensions relate to income earned from 1 January 2016. And it is not excluded that the reductions of salaries and pensions to be… felt in the midst of summer, in June. But this will be clarified when out in the relevant circular of the General Secretariat of Public Revenue, and find out if there will be a retroactive withholding of taxes from 1 January.
    But there are the few lucky one that will see salaries and pensions rise: this is for taxpayers with an income of 30.000-40.000€, without children. But like I said, are few. Because the majority will see the income to ψαλιδίζονται.
    For example, an employee without children and with an income of 10,000€ per month currently has a withholding tax of 8.2€, as reported in an article in the newspaper The News. After what passed last Sunday, the monthly withholding tax will be increased to 24,6€ and so his salary will be reduced by 16,4€ per month.
    The reductions are coming – Examples
    Income of 9,000€ – 25.000€, without children: Reductions from 6,6€ up to 22,7€ per month. Taxpayers with an income of 9,000€, i.e. 750 euros per month salary, today I don’t have a withholding tax but after the reduction of the exemption system, will be forfeited 15,6€ per month.
    Income of 9,000€ – 25.000€, with a child: Reductions from 2,5€ up to 18,6€ per month for taxpayers with one child. The greatest burden comes on taxpayers with income of 25,000€, where the reason for the withholding tax and the solidarity levy will bring a reduction in earnings of eur 18,6 per month.
    Income of 9,000€ – 25.000€, with two children: Reductions from 5€ up to 14,4€ per month. The less of a burden for those who have an income of 15,000€ per year. “Weird” is that the irs, based on the new data, it keeps 7,4€ more each month to taxpayers with low incomes, for.x. 9.500€.
    Income of 9,000€ – 25.000€, with three children: From 3€ to 6.2€ per month.