What to look for to make and your pets a merry Christmas

The christmas decorations in the house and the festive delicacies may threaten the health, canine who stay with us…
There are certain things that you need to watch out if you don’t want to have unpleasant things, then with your pets in the days of the holiday season.
Read what to look for, in accordance with the onmed.gr:
1. Inappropriate treats: The strong smell of dogs helps them to identify a delicacy as well as hidden and if it is, while the cats do not hesitate to climb on kitchen counters and tables in order to taste something delicious. On the other hand, the “complaints” of domestic you may make your guests to… bend and offer some of their food. However, some of the foods featured at the festive table is unsuitable for pets. The main of them are: chocolate, meat with too much fat and the raisins. Dangerous can also prove the alcohol, so keep your pet away if you spill a drink.
2. Christmas decorations: cats love to play with ribbons, with ornaments of the tree and the garlands. However, parts of objects, such as glass, iron daggers or gold dust, can cause serious injury or damage to internal organs.
3. Houseplants: A favorite plant of Christmas is the beautiful Poinsettia. If the cat or the dog scrape by on the leaves, it is likely to manifest oral irritation, vomiting or diarrhea. Also, the mistletoe may cause gastrointestinal disorders or cardiac complications. For the cats, extremely dangerous are lilies, can cause renal failure.
4. Candles and lights: pets not excluded to scrape by on the wires of christmas lights, so try to cover them adequately or to hide in order to avoid incidents of electrical shock. Also, load up the candles, put down the cat, or poked with the tail of the dog.