Nana Karagianni: This is the NEW companion that the transformed…

Nana Karagianni is undergoing one of the most…
happy periods.
In the fight to come back from the illness, to find herself and to stand again on her feet, Nana is no longer alone.
After the definitive separation of the chose to have near her a man who has no involvement with the media. Not only that, but the dark-haired businessman who has stolen her heart is low-key, without trotting out the name of the right and left, revealing the “allergy” to the publicity and exposure.
The point is that this man managed to give life to the Nana supporting her in each moment, and in deference to her condition. You see, he was from an old big fan until his love toward her face, he found the ground to manifest.
Comrades, now the two of them live together some days of the week, spend a lot of time together and without the pressure and doubt you are progressing their relationship loose. These are the old loves that you finally bloom!