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What part of the female body is the most attractive for men

What attracts you to a woman? It is the intense look, the shapely body or thin facial features? Whatever…
your preferences are, you may have noticed that everyone has his own “hang-ups” in the face of interest.
And although there are common preferences in a large percentage of the population, site for fitness equipment Fitrated did a survey of 2,017 Americans to discover their own preferences about their favorite body types and points of body to a erotic partner.
The majority of straight women (41.7%) showed preference to the normal male body type, while 35.8% said that it attracted more than muscular guys.
According to the survey, it seems that 35.9% of gay women prefer women with a normal body type, 30.1% are attracted to women with curves and at the rate of 11.2% like women with muscles.
On the other hand, the majority of straight men (48%) expressed the weakness of the women’s curves, with normal body type comes second in the preferences (24.1%), 22.4% stating that attracted to skinny women and only 3.8% say that he prefers the muscular female body type.
As for the point of the female body that straight men find most attractive and sexy, number one was declared the chest, at least among those who prefer the normal and curvy women.
Those who said that they prefer the thin body type, agreed that the rear is far more attractive. The vast majority of straight women said that the arms is the best part of the male body, while the gay women expressed their powerlessness in the female breast.
In all these analyses about the preferences of others but, Fitrated make sure to impart a body-positive message, saying that “although it is nice to attract attention of others, you must love and take care of your body regardless of the rest”.

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