What is the new business movement of Despina Vandi’s?

Despina Vandi cooks daily…
for her family, and that’s something that, as she says, pleased.
“It’s my pleasure, it’s an expression of care and love, it’s a stress reliever” he confesses to Instyle, the singer.
Yes, with her husband, Demis Nikolaidis are preparing for a new business step. A restaurant in the northern suburbs that will deliver home-cooked food. “The idea that emerged from the everyday life of Demis in the office. Every time you ask him “did you eat something for lunch?”, I was getting almost the same reply “something grilled outside. So, I thought how nice it would be to create a kitchen with my own recipes and to give the opportunity to someone who works until late to eat home-cooked food, same with the food that I cooked in my house.”