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What is being said by the lawyers of the monk who was evicted from Monastery in Chania

In a written statement proceeded the three lawyers of the monk who was evicted from the Holy Monastery of Chania with the…
assistance of the police.
In a statement signed by the advocates of the monk mr Μαραγκουδάκης, Σφυριδάκης and Ντερμανάκης, are listed the following:
“I.M. Agia Triada Jagarolon Akrotiri, Chania, turned into a “place of martyrdom” for a 29 year-old Monk. Above all, quite unlawfully refused entry to the Friday 12/11 in the Monastery, without suffering and has been notified of any decision of a competent institution, an incident for which filed a lawsuit without any delay, same night, before the officer’s service.T.Chania and subsequently διερρήχθησαν in the absence of the doors of the cell that resided in order to be found by strangers financial documents that “bothered”, in addition to these vanished from the cell, the amount of money that he had stated in writing to the A.T. Chania already from the previous one, that stored in this.
The monk has to press charges for the theft and has requested in writing the intervention of the IRS in order to carry out financial audit which will take into account specific items.
The police intervened the presence of a judge, he found the doors of his cell open, areas upset, and drawers open, while it was called and the marking upon request from us.
In the cell of the found objects weapons that do not belong to the same as the same had not been able to access the Monastery from the day before yesterday afternoon, unlike those who broke into the room where he was staying and trashed the cell.
For the unprecedented and tragic events that has notified the office of the Prosecutor of Chania, has been informed in writing of the Security of Chania and the Church of Crete as well as at the request of the priest, the IRS.
We express our deep sadness as the legal for all unprecedented happened, that we no longer will be a very serious control issues in relation to the economic function of the Monastery, which had encountered similar control issues in the past.
Attorneys, Konstantinos Μαραγκουδάκης, Constantine Σφυριδάκης, John Ντερμανάκης”.

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