What deadlines do RES investors have to comply with in licensing their projects

The time limits for the projects are more stringent today so that the most promising investments can go ahead and be completed. As presented yesterday (7.3.2024) in an event by RAAEF, Euthymia Anemodura, head of the relevant department of the Authority, from 2001 to 2020, 2,000 permits for RES projects were issued, while from then on to this day another 4,000 permits were issued. She stressed that there are certain deadlines for investors to comply with during the authorisation, otherwise their licenses cease. More specifically, these are the following phases and milestones: Phase A, GDP: Within six months companies must apply for environmental conditions approval. The exception is projects with a specific ecological assessment (18 months) and specific projects (12 months). Certificate of completeness for final connection offer: Investors must ensure it within 36 months. A longer period applies in 6 years for special projects. Phase B Accept definitive connection offer: Two months shall be allowed for acceptance of the final association offer. Installation permit and association agreement: The deadline is 12 months for the request for installation permit in photovoltaic, wind and hybrid, but it reaches 18 months for other technologies and storage stations. It is also set at 24 months for special projects. The above deadlines exclude stations that have taken part in auctions. In their case, the deadlines shall be set by ministerial decision. Statement of readiness – Request for authorisation