Weather: New record broken the temperature that in Livadia reached 30 degrees – Meteo’s New Table

One after another they break his records in our country over the last few days, with the temperature definitely not reminiscent of spring but a steep summer. Very high maximum temperatures were recorded on Sunday (31/3/24) in most of our country according to observations from the network of automatic weather stations of / National Observatory of Athens for the weather. The highest temperature was recorded at the weather station in Livadia and was equal to 29.8 degrees Celsius, breaking yesterday’s record for the month of March (since 2009 when the station operates)! That’s a 15-year record. Notable is also the fact that 143 network stations exceeded 25 degrees Celsius! The map of meteo presents the 8 highest temperatures recorded by the network of stations of / National Observatory of Athens. According to meteorologists, temperature is expected to rise even more

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