Weather: Cold front brings rains, storms, stormy winds and temperature drop

It has changed rapidly since Monday afternoon, with strong rains and stormy winds and a fall in temperature. According to the latest forecast data of / National Observatory of Athens, cold front “loaded” with rains and storms, strong Beaufort, will affect our country’s weather from this afternoon. The upcoming bad weather is expected to continue tomorrow, Tuesday (12.03.24). More detailed, rains and storms with the possibility of local hailfalls will occur from this afternoon in the northwestern continental and northern Ionian, phenomena that until the night to tomorrow will expand to the remaining parts of Macedonia, Epirus and the Ionian Sea, northern and western Thessaly and western Central and Peloponnese. During the night rains and storms with the possibility of hailfalls will occur both in Thrace and in the northern Aegean, where they will be very strong in places. From tomorrow morning the phenomena will be found mainly in the central and northern continentals, in the western Peloponnese, in the Ionian and the northern and eastern Aegean. According to the classification of the raindrop episodes (Regional Precipitation Index), which is implemented by the Meteor unit of the National Observatory of Athens, the rainfall episode for tomorrow is ranked in Category 2 (Medio). Strong to stormy winds (6-8 Beaufort) will prevail in the Ionian Sea until this evening and in the Aegean from this evening to tomorrow afternoon. The temperature will drop from 3 to 6 degrees Celsius tomorrow to the west and Wednesday 13/03 to the rest of the country. It is worth noting that dust concentrations in the atmosphere will be relatively increased and mud rains will occur locally.