Weather: African dust drowns the country – Human health risks

“Suffering” from edge to side the whole country by the and the images coming are eerie. With African dust spreading a veil over the country and temperature climbing over 30 degrees, the atmosphere for many is unbearable, but also dangerous, scientists warn. For the second time in the last few days the entire Attica sky has been covered by African dust. High concentrations of particles from the Sahara are expected to begin to retreat from Wednesday, April 3. Landscape in fog also dominates Thessaloniki, with African dust creating problems in flights to Macedonia airport. The image from above is indicative. The city has barely disappeared that distinguishes the White Tower and Thermaikos. The powder from Africa carries a number of dangerous to human health elements such as metals and iron oxides and comes to be added to the already heavy air pollution of large cities. Dimosthenes Sarigiannis, Professor of Environmental Engineering at AUTH and Chairman of the National Research Foundation explained: “As dust passes through the great cities of North Africa, Cairo and Alexandria for example manages to adsorption. These particles should adsorb semi-ptetic compounds as we call them arising from car exhausts, industrial emissions and collisions because we do not forget that we have a conflict active in the region.” The instructions from experts to vulnerable groups are strict. Stelios Loukidis, professor of Pneumonology EKPA and president of the Greek Pneumonological Society reported: “Good medication. Second good communication with their doctor. Third if they see any symptoms or aggravation of pre-existing or exacerbation, so again contact with their doctor, they move when there is a reason, and fifth to wear a high protection mask.” The instructions to vulnerable groups shall be: – Medication, contact their doctor, – Use of a high protection mask. Heat and dust cocktail High temperatures combined with dust also caused a number of people to come to the beach to cool off. The thermometer showed 31 points in Livadia, while it approached or even exceeded 30 points in Kopaida, areas of Fthiotida, Phocis and Evros. According to experts, African dust waves will appear periodically until May. Until Tuesday, April 2, the intense heat and dust On Tuesday night (02.04.2024) there will be a turn of winds in north Greece, while on Wednesday, April 3, there will be a fall in temperature. MEGA’s meteorologist, Christina Rigus, said the highest temperatures on Monday were as follows: Livadia 31°C Lefkochoria Fthiotida 31° C Mouzaki Karditsa 29°C Wheels Evros 29.5° C Gortyna Heraklion 29°C African dust will start to move away, while warmer days from normal for the season will be marked by April 15.