War in Ukraine: Kyiv attacks barrage near Donetsk – Tough battles with Russian forces

Conflicts continue in two Russian areas near the border with the , according to a spokesman for a Russian group in favour of Kiev. She was preceded by a statement that she repelled several Ukrainian attacks. A spokesman for a Russian group, a friend adjacent to Kiev, who launched attacks Tuesday (12.03.2024) on Russian territory, told the French News Agency that there are still ongoing battles in two areas, shortly after Moscow announced that it repelled several attacks launched by Ukraine. Alexei Baranovski, said the clashes were continuing in the areas of Belgorod and Kursk. “The Russian army lost quite armored,” he said, however refusing to clarify near which communities the fighting continued, citing operational secrecy. A little earlier, he had told the French Agency that the results of the operation would be known “at night”. He insisted that this attack was planned for this week due to the Russian presidential elections held on 15–17 March and in which Vladimir Putin is expected to be re-elected. “Today we express ourselves, we express with arms what we believe about this regime, about the elections,” Baranovski said. The Russian army had earlier stated that it repelled multiple attacks launched by Ukraine between 02:00 and 07:00 Greek time, noting that it repelled all attackers causing heavy casualties. These land attacks followed multiple drone attacks at night and this morning against targets in Russia. Two energy plants, one within 800 km of the border, were hit, resulting in significant fires, according to the Russian authorities. At noon (local time), Belgorod governor Viacheslav Gladokov reported, however, “fire” aimed at the border village of Prilesje, talking about material damage and a blow to a high-voltage line. The regional capital Belgorod was targeted by drone attack, according to the governor who said damage was caused to an operation. Russians fighting for Ukraine state that they took control of a Russian border village In the meantime, a group of Russian volunteers fighting for Ukraine announced earlier Tuesday (12.03.2024) that they took control of a Russian village near the Ukrainian border, as part of an armed raid which the Russian forces said were repelled. “Tiotkino village, in Kursk district, is fully controlled by Russian liberating forces,” said this group called the League for Freedom of Russia, in post on Telegram. “His army (Vlantimir) Putin quickly leaves the village, leaving behind positions and heavy armaments,” he added. Russia: Defence ministry announced village occupation near Donetsk in eastern Ukraine For its part, Russia said Tuesday that it captured a village in eastern Ukraine, near the city of Donetsk which is already under its control, the day after Ukrainian President Volontimir Zelenski announced that Ukraine “stopped” Russian promotion. “In Donetsk’s direction, units of southern forces liberated the village of Nevelske and secured more favorable lines and positions,” the Russian defence ministry said in its daily report. Telegram’s DeepState channel, approaching the Ukrainian army and followed by over 680,000 people, had broadcast yesterday, Monday, the night that “the enemy was promoted near Nevelske”. Russian forces have been gaining ground for a few weeks in eastern Ukraine, a trend that has accelerated with the fall of the city-fortress Avdivika, which Moscow occupied in mid-February. The announcement of the occupation of the village was made the day after an interview with the French media of Volontimir Zelenski, in which he said that “the promotion of Russia has been halted” to the east and that the situation is now “much better” on the front than three months ago. Ukraine has pledged to build defensive fortifications of hundreds of kilometres to stop Russian promotion, but criticism has been expressed of their weakness, even their absence in certain areas. Russia: Ukrainian drone crashed into Belgorod city hall building – schools in Kursk city closed after the attack At the same time it became known that Ukrainian drone crashed into Belgorod City Hall, Russian city near the border with Ukraine, causing two people to be injured, local governor, Vichislav Gladkov said. Areas in the border with Ukraine have been under a series of attacks since midnight, with the Russian army saying that it repelled infiltration of militants from Ukraine. “Enemy drone crashed into Belgorod city administration building”, he wrote on Telegram, adding that two people were injured. The governor said the windows on the front of the building were destroyed. These material damage is also seen in images released on social media. Belgorod mayor Valentin Demidov released images with blown windows, saying drone “stuck into the entrance of the building”. Meanwhile, as broadcast by the TASS agency, citing local authorities, schools in the Russian city of Kursk went to online courses, following an attempt at Ukrainian raid in the district. Armed groups based in Ukraine today argued that they crossed the border with Russia in Kursk and Belgorod districts, while Russia argued that it prevented these raids. Kursk District was also attacked by Ukrainian drones during the night.