Voula Patoulidou: Next to her own wax image in Kavala

She met and posed next to hers in Kavala. The 1992 Olympic gold medalist appeared happy and moved… A special “meeting” had in Kavala, where she was found at the weekend, Barcelona’s gold medalist in 1992 and vice-president of Thessaloniki Voula Patoulidou. With special pleasure, as she pointed out, she visited the museum of wax-like figures of Thodoris Kokkinidis in order to meet in person with …Voula Patoulidou! In fact, she “acquainted” her wax image, created by the talented Cavaliotis artist in 2012. In fact, for the purposes of creating the image, Mrs. Patoulidou posed to Thodoris Kokkinidis and donated the form she wore to the Barcelona Olympics in order to dress her waxlike image. Voula Patoulidou was found in Kavala as an official guest of the municipality of Kavala in order to honour her presence and speak at the award event of women engaged in politics and audiences organized by the municipal community of Kavala and the municipality of Kavala. The vice-regional governor of Thessaloniki was also honoured for her contribution to sport and her overall work in self-government. In her speech, during the award ceremony, Mrs Patoulidou referred through her personal experiences to the difficulties she encountered as a woman in both sport and politics, noting that her parents are the two people who supported her most and believed in her. With much emotion he referred to his efforts and struggles in order to establish himself, sending the message to all women to have faith in themselves and never to give up their dreams and efforts.