Vorides in Acryta: We are talking about the potensus of Mitsotakis, which has been checked 25 times and not Kasselakis.

In the dispute between Mrs Mareva Grabowski-Michotakis and the Minister of State took a position in an interview with the television station “Sky”. Makis Voridis, reminded, in particular, that the starting point of the dispute was the suspension of the MP of SYRIZA – Progressive Alliance, Helena Akrita, continued with the mention of “a purely slanderous post”. And, “it’s slanderous, because Mrs. Acreita posts it and it’s not like she’s lying, but she knows she’s lying. Why? For all that is mentioned – the real estate, the background, Voltaire’s house – is not only an old debate, but (there are) and court decisions on this debate. The Prime Minister has been a Member of Parliament since 2004, if I recall correctly,” he noted. He therefore completed, “all this has been explained 25 times in intensive and persistent controls, in which, I stress, judges are involved.” After all, “do you want to say something about Mitsotakis, (but) his wife is involved?” he asked. This is because “there is nothing to say about politics. When the government makes the minimum wage increase, I hear no comment. When the government has all this daily action, I don’t hear a comment. I hear nothing about the growth of the economy. I hear nothing about the directive we are discussing this week, which imposes taxation on multinational companies.” “We are discussing Mr. Mitsotakis’ “whence”, 25 times tested. For Mr. Kasselakis’ “whence”? With good (to testify). No answer (will they give)?”. In addition, “fair questions are raised within the framework of legal obligations of Mr. Kasselakis, after gaining the status of leader of the main opposition. To these questions, no answer. To slander, however, for the 25 – year – old controls, comfortable and relaxed. Mr. Kasselakis wants this level of confrontation?”. However, he added, “We’ve been through this before. Before the last parliamentary election, it was the environment again. The toxicity again was. They think society is there, society is not there, society wants to see the growth of the economy, the increase in incomes, the tackling of accuracy, (which is) persistent and difficult issue.”