Volondimir Zelensky: There will be “retribution” for the 18 dead in Dnipro

The Ukrainian president announced in his evening address that there would be a retribution for the 18 dead, from Russian to Dnipro (central-south Ukraine). “Retributions will be bigger every time,” Zelenski threatened after the bombing and claimed at the same time once again from Kiev’s allies in the West more anti-air defence systems to “save thousands of lives”. Since the bombing, at least 18 people, among them children, were injured as regional chief Serhi Lisak announced, clarifying that of the 12 people who were taken to hospitals “five are children” and adding that their lives are not threatened. According to direct assistance services, company, kindergarten and higher education structure were “damaged” in yesterday’s blow, while the fire was “deprecated” by firefighters. Ukraine has multiplied the blows on Russian territory over the last few months in retaliation for the bombings that have occurred since Russia invaded its territory over two years ago. Russia also says it will retaliate the Ukrainian attacks and recently proceeded to massive bombings of power plants and Ukraine’s electricity transmission network.