Volkswagen ID.4: Fixed electrical value

ID.4 remains a classic notable choice for anyone who wishes to enter the world of electric motion with one of the crossovers who opened the… dance in the category of electric C-SUV. Volkswagen ID.4 inspires confidence and is one of the most popular electric SUVs in both C-SUV segment and more generally in electric vehicles, which is confirmed by numbers. ID.4 was the VW Group’s most popular EV for the year that passed, which counted, along with his coupe SUV brother ID.5, more than 223,000 worldwide sales. The German brand invests and insists on the evolution of purely electric drive systems, which has a practical impact on the world, since specifically Volkswagen delivered about 394,000 pure electric vehicles to its customers around the world in 2023, which corresponds to 21.1% increase compared to 2022. Germany embraced ID.4, after about 30,000 units were delivered there, which corresponds to an increase of 62.9%, while around 38,000 ID.4, an increase of 84.2% compared to the previous year, was sold in the US. So, on the occasion of the pleasant 2023 report on ID.4, let us remember the reasons why the German electric car gained this popularity from its first production period and continues to do so successfully to date. ID.4 is the second model after ID.3—which also put Volkswagen into the electric drive world—, which uses the modular MEB platform and is designed without central tunnel, to accommodate a large battery array on the floor. Our test car has a 77kWh useful battery. This means that by normal driving the estimated autonomy can exceed 500km with one charge. The nominal autonomy is 502-530km, while the average consumption in a mixed cycle reaches 18kWh/100km, according to the manufacturer. In practice, we find that ID.4 with the 77kWh battery can easily travel more than 450km thanks to the efficient energy management system, but also to the heat pump that reduces energy loss from the use of the air conditioner. With regard to charging time, another important issue for electric vehicle owners, ID.4 needs 7.30 hours to charge with AC alternating current and home Wallbox ID. Charger 11kWh of Volkswagen, while 28 minutes to reach from 10% to 80% in DC speed charger with continuous power current up to 120kWh. ID.4 immediately stands out that it is a member of the ID family, the electric vehicles of the brand, while it is practical, comfortable and spacious with a length of 4.584mm, a height of 1,637mm and a width of 1.852mm. The distance from the ground is 163mm. It is worth noting that the reverse factor reaches 0.28, number impressive for SUV, which indicates that emphasis has been placed on its aerodynamic performance. In the interior dominates the minimal trend, the quality materials, the technological goodies, the spaciousness and practicality of the infinite pockets and storage spaces. However, the modern element has led to the absence of natural switches with all the moaning it can cause until someone gets used to it. Five passengers can move comfortably, without restrictions thanks to the floor level, while the luggage space reaches 543lt, so neither do suitcases and things carried need restrictions and minimalisms. In addition to the comfortable seat that greatly facilitates our everyday life, the driver has the ability thanks to the many settings to make the driving position correctly in its measures for maximum safety in driving while very good perimeter visibility is still a large plus on the list. Entering ID.4 things are very simple and modern at the same time. There is no button to put the engine on, but a sensor on the seat. So once the driver sits, the car is ready to start as soon as he spins the selector located right next to the instrument panel in the D position. If one wishes to drive with energy recovery and slow down leaving just the right pedal, one can choose the position B. With a little familiarity, in fact, simulates one-pedal driving with the only difference that it does not fully immobilize. The electric motor of 204PS and 310Nm torque is mounted between the rear wheels to which it also gives movement. Starting ID.4, you immediately feel the immediate acceleration, while the body of 2,116kg needs 8.5sec from a stop to reach 100km/h, while the top speed is electronically limited to 160km/h. In Eco and Comfort modes during which we moved during the longest duration of our cohabitation, acceleration is smoother and linear than the Sport program, where ID.4 appears more rapid and ready-to-war as soon as you hit the right pedal. The comfort of ID.4 is characteristic. The very good rolling quality, the quiet operation of the engine and the excellent soundproofing level transform the cab of ID.4 into a Zen experience. So driving even in the city is pleasant. The German SUV easily passes through transverse anomalies and puddles, with the suspension largely absorbing any mischiefs, despite the tighter regulation of the shock absorbers. In addition, ID.4 is flexible even within the narrows thanks to 10.2m of the turning cycle. Consumption is something you should be a little concerned about in the city. By normal driving it can reach 18kWh/100km, while by careful driving and focusing on the best possible consumption reaches 14kWh/100km. At a faster rate, you understand that it is a safe car with a high level of adhesion, no surprises in reactions and with balanced behavior. Thanks to the low center of gravity due to the mounted batteries on the floor, the weight distribution reaches 50:50 between the two axes, while the body inclinations are limited. The robust frame works very well with the suspension and this urges you to… pinch the electric SUV more and more. You are not slow to realize that ID.4 loves open turns more, while if you press a slipway turn or overturn a closed turn, expected the relapse will make its appearance. As the mood for speed rises as the consumption rises, with 24kWh/100km passing momentarily ahead of our eyes. On the highway, of course the journey is pleasant thanks to the very good features of ID.4, the quality of scrolling, comfort, sound insulation and calming that gives the whole overall a little bit, however if you unearth at the speed of a part of the peace of mind is lost, because consumption increases and autonomy decreases rapidly. The good news is that leading to the allowed speed limit and normal conditions, consumption did not pass 21kWh/100km. ID.4 is a technologically advanced electric vehicle, with all necessary IQ security systems. Drive and assist the driver, with great autonomy and very good energy management, which also allows travel outside cities. Moreover, it is quality, spacious and practical thanks to the plenty of spaces. Therefore, it is rightly considered to be sought after and loved in the world, since it satisfies the daily needs of either family heads or bachelors. The price starts at 41,200, without the state subsidy of 8,000 euros, and Volkswagen offers 4 years warranty or 80,000km in all new passenger cars. And the best part? It is now ready to be delivered.