Volkswagen: Double success at Euro NCAP for ID.Buzz Cargo and Caddy Van

It achieved great success in Euro NCAP tests winning two awards. Specifically, ID. Buzz Cargo earned the Platinum distinction, while Caddy Van won the gold prize. The two Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles vehicles impressed the Euro NCAP safety and testing engineers with their performance. The ID. Buzz Cargo achieved a high score thanks to the aid systems which maintain the electric vehicle in its lane, dynamically adjust the vehicle speed and stop it in time in front of stationary obstacles or passing pedestrians and cyclists. Caddy Van impressed Euro NCAP engineers with his behaviour in various trials, particularly as regards stay in the lane and emergency braking. The Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle ID. Buzz Cargo (VWCV) is a vehicle with many gifts, not only about the transportation of goods and the provision of services, but also about safety for its driver and passengers. The tests from Euro NCAP have shown that its systems operate with the highest standards. For example it had top performance in braking tests in front of real estate and moving obstacles or vehicles, as well as pedestrians or cyclists approaching from the side, even in the dark. The electrical van distribution lane maintenance capabilities and its passenger monitoring system also functioned flawlessly. The ID. Buzz Cargo has a blind spot assistance system to facilitate the driver, especially within the city. In addition, the vehicle reacts to the opposite movement during the turn and dynamically adjusts its speed while driving, following – among other things – local speed limits, thanks to a sophisticated camera and digital mapping system. Overall, ID. Buzz Cargo impressed in the special tests of Euro NCAP for safety in the category of professional vehicles, achieving a score of 83% in the Safety Assist category thanks to the camera and radar systems with which it is equipped. As a result it was to get the distinction of the award: “Platinum for the safety of professional vehicles”. Caddy Van also impressed this, achieving excellent results in testing thanks to integrated emergency braking systems in front of obstacles such as stationary or slow moving traffic as well as pedestrians and cyclists. He also had a particularly good performance in terms of his ability to return to his lane. Overall, Euro NCAP test engineers considered it worthy of a performance rating of 68% in the Safety Assist category, rewarding him with the gold prize in the overall score for 2024. Both Volkswagen car results in the Euro NCAP tests demonstrate in the most characteristic way that safety in commercial vehicles can be improved even more through increased use of assistance systems.