Visit to Ukraine: Putin’s message to the West the missile strike near the Greek mission in Odessa?

Greece has never hidden its support for the since it was invaded by Putin’s Russia. The Greek government and much of the Greek people condemned the revisionism and violation of every rule of international law by Vladimir Putin. Today, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis visited Odessa which in recent days has been hammered by the Russians who are targeting civilians primarily like last weekend when in a treacherous way drones hit an apartment building resulting in the loss of their lives by 12 civilians, including 5 small children. Kyriakos Mitsotakis arrived under extreme secrecy in Ukraine and while following the program that the Greeks and Ukrainians had carved, Moscow sent a warning message targeting an EU leader and her main enemy, Volontimir Zelensky. Karé – frame the visit In the face of the Greek Prime Minister one could say that Moscow targeted the entire western world. After all, our country has a history in the struggle for freedom and independence. For this reason Kyriakos Mitsotakis visited the Museum of Friendly Society, where it all began. “Here there is a real war and this is everyday life,” was some of the Greek Prime Minister’s words in his joint statements with the President of Ukraine. “My presence here reflects, I believe, the respect of the whole free world towards your heroic people,” the Prime Minister stressed and stressed that Greece is defending peace over time, rejecting any unhistoric revisionism. He also stressed that Greece supports Ukraine’s European and Euro-Atlantic perspective by believing that their conditions would ultimately be a profit for all Ukrainians. The prime minister began his visit from the port, then found himself in the command post, followed by the apartment building with the dead civilians, the Museum of the Friendly Society and finally the joint statements with Volontimir Zelensky. The moment of the attack Kyriakos Mitsotakis also described the incident that lived when explosions were heard near the point where the Greek mission was passing. “We were at the port of Odessa and President Zelensky and his staff gave us a tour, explaining on the one hand the importance of the port for Ukraine’s exports and on the other hand showing us the significant damage that this critical infrastructure has suffered when we heard some sirens. And soon after, as we got into our cars, we heard a big explosion. I think this for us is the best, most vivid reminder that this is a real war. Every day there is war, which not only affects the front, the soldiers, it affects our innocent fellow citizens. It affects, as you can see here. Cultural monuments of enormous value are destroyed. And I think that is one more reason why all European leaders should come to Ukraine. Because it is one thing to see, to hear the description from the media or from President Zelenski whom we communicate regularly and it is completely different to experience the first-hand experience of war.”