Visit of Volunteers to the Foundation of the “Shelter for Minors”

    The Volunteers in cooperation with the Athletic Association, the Shaolin and the Wu Kung will visit the 19-5-2016 the Fifth day, the Foundation of the… of Housing of Minors that is located at the junction of Omorfokklisias 10 and Chania in
    N. Ionia, in the spirit of supporting children , love , contribution and solidarity.
    You will be offered personal hygiene items, socks, books, flip-flops, soft drinks, sweets, biscuits, all courtesy of Volunteers,
    the shops of Heraklion, with a sensitivity of support every time the actions of the Volunteers, the parents of the athletes of the Sports Club, who are always next to us and the Commercial Professional Association of Heraklion, Attica.
    The children raise the awareness of all of us, let alone the Volunteers that broadening the offer addressed to a particular space, that of support of children who are accommodated temporarily, giving love and joy.