Vigil for the feast of the Apostles Peter and Paul

Vigil was celebrated in the parish church of Agios Nikolaos Nafplion…
on Tuesday, June 28, in honor of the Holy apostles Peter and Paul , one to the right aisle of the Church is dedicated to the Πρωτοκορυφαίους Apostles Peter and Paul . The Vigil was presided over by the Preacher of the Metropolis of Argolis, archimandrite Chrysostomos Παπουλέσης .
Agios Nikolaos Nafplion in the Argolida is a church located in the homonymous square in the harbor of Nafplio, in one of the most beautiful spots overlooking the Bourtzi.
The church of Agios Nikolaos Nafplion, on the basis of the inscription of the entrance, was moved to 1713 from the inner city to the beach by order of the Venetian commander of the Fleet, Augustine a succession of crusader states and was dedicated to Agios Nikolaos, patron saint of sailors. O present church is newer and was built in the 1830s, while it was inaugurated in 1836. Architecturally, it belongs to the type of τετράπλευρης παραλληλόγραμμης basilica, with a flat roof, a type which is followed in the Italian churches. Inside the temple, the visitor can admire the wood-carved iconostasis and the pulpit, the throne of the despot, and the three chandeliers from Odessa. The iconostasis, decorated with gilded images of 1848-1849, the works of John Δημάδη, painter of the times of National Rebirth.
The church is dedicated to Saint Nicholas, to the Holy Apostles and the three holy Hierarchs.