Video – document: He killed her by the police station.

Video – document immediately after the brutal murder of the 28-year-old girl by her former partner, outside their police station, secured The clock’s indicators showed 22.10 on Monday night (1/4/24) when the 39-year-old set foot and chased the 28-year-old with whom they had an affair for many years, in the Saints of Anargyros. With a knife he hit her with five sharp blows of which three on the back. In the video – document presented by is minutes after the girl was murdered. The 28-year-old is lying on the sidewalk, a few meters from the police station outpost in St. Anargyros. Her lifeless body lies in a pool of blood while around the girl there are police officers who have eliminated the scene and are gathering evidence of the crime. It is shocking that