Veria: Karé – frame the route of the vehicle that “refined” two women in stop – Video document

Two videos in which a part of the route followed by the white car that was diverted from its course and fell on a bus in the village of the homeland resulting in the loss of their lives of two women, brings to the public the The tragic incident that spread grief and pain to two families occurred near ten to twenty yesterday (1/4/2024) in the morning, at the bus stop of Veria. The 64-year-old driver had started from Veria and when he arrived on the main road of the Country, then lost control of his car, passed into the opposite stream and fell onto the stop killing a 68-year-old and a 20-year-old. The driver who is being hospitalized has been arrested for manslaughter by negligence while when asked how he lost control of his vehicle, then he reported being dizzy. In the first of the visual materials that the brings to light appears at 09:36:32 the 64-year-old white vehicle moving on the left lane of the road leading outside the city of Beroia. The vehicle maintains a steady course and does not appear to be moving at high speed. After two minutes and 36 seconds the 64-year-old car will be captured by a camera in the village of Patras and about 30 seconds before the vehicle falls to the stop. In the second video that secured the car at 08:39:08 (the security camera clock is with winter time – 60 minutes back) it moves within the village of Home and after about 400 meters it will fall upon the stop scattering death. The two women’s funerals are scheduled for tomorrow. The exodus sequence for the 68-year-old will take place at the church of Agia Paraskevi in the Country, while the burial of the 20-year-old will take place in Albania.