Venezuela: On 28 July the presidential election

On 28 July the presidentials in , announced today the head of the National Election Council (CNE) Elvis Amoroso. President Nicolas Maduro is expected to claim his re-election for a third term in Venezuela, but it has not been clarified who will be his opponent. The Supreme Court deprived opposition leader Maria Corina Machado of the right to be a candidate for the presidency, causing the US reaction that brought sanctions back on Venezuela. It is worth noting that 28 July is the date of birth of the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez (a predecessor and mentor of Maduro), who died in 2013. The government and opposition agreed in October that the elections would take place in the second half of 2024 in the presence of international observers and that each side would be able to choose its candidate. Opposition officials had expressed doubts whether Maduro would abide by the agreement, fears that appear to have been confirmed by the Supreme Court verdict on Machado’s nomination.