Vasilis Bisbikis: First night out in the center where Despina Vandi appears after his hospital

On his first evening out at the center he appears or made yesterday Saturday (17.03. 24), o, two weeks after his health adventure. Vasilis Bisbikis seems to have fully recovered after his health issue and decided to go out and have fun with his loved ones. First, the actor was found at the nightclub where Manolis Kondaros appears, and later at the nightclub where Despina Vandi appears. The actor posted stories on his Instagram account from both of the stores in which he was found. He made selfie with Manolis Kontaros and photographed the beloved on stage. On Monday, March 4 Vassilis Bisbikis was taken to hospital from and urged by his companion, Despina Vandi, after pains he felt in the chest. The doctors considered it necessary, after the necessary heart tests, to enter surgery. Three days after the first operation for stent placement, he followed second and on Saturday, March 9 he finally got released and returned home.