Vangelis Pavlidis rose to 3rd place of scorers in Europe

He continues to “shoot” with her jersey in the Netherlands, but also in the Conference League, which has now risen to third place scorers in Europe. In the “fight” for “Golden Shoe” he may have been left out of 10, due to the low ranking of the Dutch league, but with real numbers he is a third scorer in Europe, since then his goal in Alkmaar – Excelsior 4-0, reached 22 in 25 games, as much as Luke De Yong of Aidhofen has. The two “fight” as well for the first scorer award in the Netherlands, while more generally in Europe, Harry Kane has stood out at the top, with 30 goals in 25 matches with Bayern Munich. Scorers ranking in Europe 1) Harry Kane (30 years old/Bayern Munich/England) 30 goals in 25 matches 2) Lautaro Martinez (26 years old/Inter/Argentina) 23 goals in 25 matches 3) Vangelis Pavlidis (24 years old/Alkmaar/Greece) 22 goals in 25 matches 4) Luke De Yong (33 years old/ Aidhofen/Netherlands) 22 goals in 25 games 5) Kevin Denkey (23 years old/ Circle Breeze/Togo) 22 goals in 27 matches 6) Seru Girassi (27 years old/Stugard/Winea) 21 goals in 19 matches 7) Killian Ebape (24 years old/Paris SZ/France) 21 goals in 23 matches 8) Santiago Jimenes (22 years old/Fegord/Mexico) 21 goals in 24 matches 9) Lawrence Shankland (28 years old/Harts/Scotia) 20 goals in 29 matches 10) Victor Gioceres (25 years old/Sport. Lisbon/Sweden) 19 goals in 23 matches