USA: Donald Trump leads Joe Biden in six critical States according to a new poll

His lead in six critical States, ahead of the November presidential election in the US, according to a poll by the Wall Street Journal. Specifically Joe Biden’s Donald Trump leads by 2 to 8 percentage points in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona, Georgia, Nevada and North Carolina, to the question of who voters would choose, including third-party independent candidates. The result is similar in a “one battle” between the top two. In Wisconsin, the seventh State where the result is also considered bilateral, Biden leads with 3 Trump units among all candidates. In their mutual duel they seem to be gathering the same percentage. Biden’s election staff struggles to appease voters’ concerns about the American economy, despite job creation, sound spending and better expected GDP growth. This issue concerns economists and Democratic political analysts. In the WSJ poll, negative views on Biden’s performance in his duties exceed at least 16 points positive. In four of the bilateral states the difference exceeds 20 points. Negative view of Trump’s performance when he was in the presidency only voters of a State, Arizona, expressed themselves. Also, 48% of voters considered Trump to be in a better physical and mental state to take over the presidency, while Biden’s percentage in the same question is only 28%. The poll was conducted in a sample of 4,200 voters (600 in each State) between 17–24 March. The statistical error margin amounts to plus/except 1.5% for the sample as a whole and to plus 4% for each State’s results separately.

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