US defeated Orbelin Pineda’s Mexico 2-0 and again conquered the Concaf Nations League

For the third successive time, the US won the C oncacaf Nations League, winning with its 2-0 in the final. USA and Mexico competed in the Concaf Nations League final, with Team USA a reaching the 2–0 win and winning the trophy for the third streak. Orbelin Pineda passed in the middle of the second half, when the “Aztecs” had already accepted their two goals, with the AEK player aware of defeat. The score in the final was opened by Tyler Adams at the end of the first part (45′). In his first international appearance as a key, he defeated Ochoa with a “kranon” several metres outside the region. In 63′, Giovanni Rayna “locked” the title for the U.S. with strong shots within the area. That was his 8th goal with the coat of arms. See this post on Instagram. See this post on Instagram. At the age of 21 and in three Team USA finals, Rayna has managed to score two goals and give three assists. At the same time, Mexico completed 491 minutes (more than… five games) against the United States, which is left without even one goal.

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