Upper Patesia: Extinction of 17-year-old Ornella

Great police mobilisation for Ornella Donju Keufak. The trail of the minor was lost to Upper Patesia. The “Smile of the Child ” published the missing news of Ornella Donju Keufak, 17 from Upper Patesia. In particular, on Sunday, March 31, during the midday hours, the girl from Cameroon disappeared from the area. The “Smile of the Child” was informed of the disappearance of the minor on Monday, April 1st and immediately proceeded to publish the evidence of the minor, as there are reasons for putting her life at risk. It is 1.65 tall and normal weight, black hair of the breed type and brown eyes. It’s unknown what he was wearing the day he disappeared. Anyone who has any information, please contact by phone with “The Smile of the Child” 24 hours a day, on the “National Line for Missing Adults – 1017”, in all Police Departments of the country, but also through the Missing Alert app where there is a live update on the disappearance.