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    (Title) in the Department of Infrastructure have a small problem. The lights of this city are operated and maintained through Siemens and may one day cease to function because Siemens is the most likely lowest bidder in a tender. But this is not the only problem Dimitris Reppas has delegated to committee lawyers to respond to the problem of how to operate the lights of the city even if he wins the ‘work’ the German company without being accused of “not elephant ».
    On April 1, 2010 during a meeting of members of the Cabinet in the presence of supreme court of the country Mr Reppas asked what should be done in the case of the CE line of the metro to Piraeus, where civil engineering companies have won work exhibit Siemens as its partner for the project PC (electrical engineering).

    The MECHANICS by Prodromos Emfietzoglou has appealed to Brussels to denounce the proceedings on the ground that a company has admitted that Ladon can not continue to win government projects. Government officials argue that when the question was raised in Brussels by the government response was “ixeis arrivals».
    But K is able to know that when it came from a Greek company in question to the Commission whether it should Siemens is excluded from competitions computer the answer was clear: “Not unless it has been finally sentenced».
    A government minister asked the writer what would the position of the person who should decide on the project line in Piraeus? “I would give it to Siemens», was the answer.
    – And if later shown to have ladosei for this contest exactly what we tell Superfast and some of you;

    PASOK is therefore somehow hostage election of “exercises”. Mr Ev. Venizelos had timely warned the other members of the leadership of the ruling party that can not be excluded from the German company works if not finally sentenced. Because data for activation of the “black funds” for Siemens since 2005 no body of the file.
    The two contracts we are discussing (traffic lights, subway) on the period after that time. In terms of new contracts, both the Ministry of Infrastructure and any other ministry or agency could incorporate into future contracts with the “integrity in” mechanisms by which a “neutral third party” monitor the development of a competition based contractual obligation for participants to give details of any payment during the competition.
    similar line of integrity (integrity pacts) have suggested not only by organizations such as Transparency International Hellas, but implemented successfully in Singapore and Colombia in Berlin and Canada. To implement such an agreement with the enforcement of the conditions of competition, it will not turn off the lights of the city!

    Tassos Telloglou

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