Ukraine: The collapse of the energy system is considered unlikely despite Russian attacks

Its recent attacks have caused significant damage to its Ukrainian energy system, however it is unlikely to collapse completely, according to the statements of the head of the Ukrenergo National Electricity Network, Volontimir Kuntritsky. Russia has been attacking thermal and hydroelectric power stations since 22, as well as the central networks, almost daily. As a result, blackouts are caused in many areas. As Kudritski told the Reuters agency ” Their goal is to cause blackouts in some major cities in Ukraine and our goal is to prevent it”. Ukraine’s largest private energy company, DTEK, has announced that five of its six units, which lost 80% of their capacity, were damaged by the attacks. The thermal power stations and other facilities of the DTEK, which covers the needs of approximately 25% of the country, have been repeatedly hit by Russian missiles, drones and artillery missiles. Missile attacks have also caused significant damage to Ukraine’s largest hydroelectric power station, Zaporizia, but also to Kanif and Denseros power stations. Most of the electricity in Ukraine is produced by three nuclear plants, but thermoelectric and hydroelectric power stations play a key role, especially in periods of consumption peaking. “The biggest concern now is the state of production, the division that balances the system. The scale of damage reported by DTEK is obviously high,” Kudritsky admitted. But he pointed out that the system is far from a collapse. “We are certainly not a step away from the collapse. Collapse means the uncontrolled closure of most or all of the energy system. This did not happen and will not happen, we consider this scenario unlikely,” he added. Kuntritsky said that “limited problems” may occur in certain areas, such as the city of Harkov or Odessa, in the south. The energy system of the USSR and later Ukraine was traditionally based on huge production stations, but these facilities are very difficult to protect from bombing. This would only be possible if Ukraine were to build hundreds of smaller power stations throughout the country. “This process must begin immediately,” Kudritsky said. Source: RES – ICM