Ukraine: New Russian Bombs in Donetsk · Global Voices

Russian bombings killed at least two people and wounded one more in the province in the east said Ukrainian authorities today, adding that Ukrainian forces shot down nine enemy drones during the night. The city of Krasnohorivka, located very close to the war front in Ukraine, was receiving “enemy fire during the night and in the morning”, said Donetsk regional governor, Vadim Filaskin with a post on Telegram. The fire killed a 70-year-old woman and an 73-year-old and injured one more, the governor stressed, calling on all citizens left in the city to leave her. In Dnipropetrovsk province (central-south), a 36-year-old man injured the previous day in a bombing succumbed to his injuries and another is still being hospitalized, said the governor of this province, Sherhi Lisak. At the same time, in the last 24 hours, a man was killed when the tractor he was driving passed over an explosive device, while doing agricultural work near Topolin, in the province of Hersona, Ukrainian police announced today. In the Russian-occupied part of Hersona province, four civilians were also wounded by Ukrainian missiles, the head of the local Russian occupation administration, Vladimir Saldo, said today. During the night from Friday to Saturday, the Ukrainian Air Force announced that it shot down nine Russian drones, out of the total 12 launched by Russian forces, in the Hersona, Odessa, Dnipropetrovsk and Poltava areas. In Donetsk, Russia also struck with S-300/S-400 missiles launched from the annexed Crimea Peninsula, according to Ukrainian authorities. Russia launched a campaign of air injuries against Ukraine’s energy infrastructure during last week, causing significant damage to several regions.