TXS: The range of prices for the offer of Piraeus shares

Closer price range for the Bank’s offer Piraeus published today (6.3.2024) the (TSS). In particular, the Financial Stability Fund announced a narrower range of prices within the Broad Quotations for the international offer, i.e. from EUR 3,90 to EUR 4 per Offered Share. In particular, the HFSF Communication states: ‘In accordance with Article 17(2) of the Regulation (EU) 2017/1129, the HFSF announces that its Board of Directors, at its meeting on 5 March 2024, now announces a narrower range of prices within the Range of Prices for the international bid, i.e. from EUR 3,90 to EUR 4,00 per Offered Share (the Closest Price Range). International tender managers have received demand orders that multiple times exceed the Offered Shares in this Closest Price Range. Public tender managers will inform investors participating in the international tender that requests for the purchase of Offered Shares below the threshold of the Closest Price will not be taken into account for the allocation of the Offered Shares. Source: RES – ICM