Turkey: One dead and 4 injured in incidents between Erdogan Party fans and opponents

One dead and four injured account of the conflicts in the southeast after the March 31 municipal elections and the defeat of his ruling party . In incidents between supporters and opponents of the newly elected mayor of Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s party in a predominantly Kurdish city in southeastern Turkey, the brother opposition candidate was killed and four other people were injured. Fans of the ruling Turkish president’s party, AK (AKP), clashed with supporters of the opposition DEVA party in the Pervari sector of Shiirt yesterday, Tuesday (02.04.2024), in the evening, after Sunday’s municipal election, in which the opposition had a good performance throughout the country. In Pervari, the AKP’s candidate mayor won 52% of the vote, while the DEVA candidate came second with 40%. The governor’s office reported that five people were injured in the clashes, one of them succumbed to his injuries. DEVA deputy president Mehmet Emin Ekmen announced that the man who died was the brother of the party candidate. They prevented newly elected mayor from pro-Kurdish DEM party DEVA was one of six parties in the alliance formed by the opposition prior to the May 2023 parliamentary elections, when Erdogan secured a new five-year term and the government alliance, a parliamentary majority. Police are investigating the incident and six people have been arrested, the Siert governor’s office said, adding that it has imposed a curfew on Perwari until Thursday morning for security reasons. Protests were also held elsewhere in southeastern Turkey provinces, after local authorities prevented the newly elected mayor from taking office in the city by the pro-Kurdish DEM party Van and announced a repeat of the election in the city of Hillvan, Sanilurfa Province where the AKP lost. Plana showed protesters in Batman Province throwing firecrackers at police officers, who launched against water cannons, while dozens of security personnel developed around the city of Hakari, where demonstrations were also held.