Turkey: Erdogan loses first in municipal elections according to first results

It’s a big night for the opposition in the country, since the CHP makes a big winner. Turkey’s 3 largest cities are bringing mayors back out of the CHP, which totals almost 39% from 30% in 2019, while Erdogan’s party falls from 44% to 37%, based on the first results. It is noted that the CHP has not been first on the territory since 2002! But Erdogan’s allies, Bachtseli’s far-right MHP, which since 7.3 of 2019 has fallen to 3.4. It is typical that in the capital city, Ankara, the current Mayor of CHP Mansour Yavas, who in 2019 had won 14 points apart, now defeats 23! He already declared his victory. Erem Imamoglu, outgoing mayor of Istanbul and candidate of Turkey’s main opposition CHP is re-elected, and said “very happy” with the initial results of the municipal elections in the country’s largest city. His results give him a difference of 9 units. In Izmir Chemil Tugai wins by 10 points from Erdogan’s candidate, counting 45%. Bursa, Turkey’s 4th largest city, Mustafa Bozbei of the CHP brings together 47% against 39.38 of Erdogan’s candidate Alinur Aktas. In the 5th largest city, Antalia (which was hit by the earthquakes) Muhitin Bejek of CHP leads with 5 units of AKP’s Hakan Tutunchu. A night that marks a heavy defeat for Erdogan, after 2019 he had lost the 3 major municipalities but had at least won in the overall percentage.