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Tucson: The TAXI that you see almost to get inside the store

Professional owner driver of this particular CAB that you almost went in the shoe store in Kapodistriou street in the centre of Lamia. See the Photos and you will understand!
Reader (desperate) sent us the pictures that you see! As he wrote in the email That he sent us:
The pictures you see are from yesterday (17/12/2015) in Kapodistriou street, nearly opposite the School. The Taxi driver parked his car so as it suited him! Good thing I didn’t put it inside the store!
Questions first:
The traffic police or the police didn’t see it? We’re not talking that I just posted a little bit on the sidewalk, parked it around vertically, like it’s normal parking spot!
Question the second:
The owner considered after this of energy, yet professional?
Question Tuesday:
What man could have done this and not thought that it would create a problem in someone, fellow? A guy in a wheelchair, a mother with children or any other?
Question the fourth:
If we all start parking like this (since no one is punished in this country) who will be responsible for this anarchy?
The comments of your own….


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